OutfitBlog #8 || OldJumpers

Hey girlies…

Before I Start, I’d Like To Apologise For The Pictures That Weren’t Uploaded On The Spots&Stripes OutfitBlog, Due To Some Random Issues. Unfortunately I Deleted Them Straight After. But I’ll ReBlog Soon x

Let’s Go Back In Time… Aha I wish!

Typical Crappy Weather here in Leicester. Started off bright but freezing cold, then it got colder, rained a bit and then the clouds threw infinite hailstones at us.

So it was the “everyday black jean, black scarf look.” Because when you can’t decide, they’re always there to save you. I topped this with an old jumper, making the whole outfit so effortless. It was also somewhat a lazy day outfit too.

This outfit was a classic jumper look. I bought my jumper, in fact a couple of jumpers, from The SweaterShop. They’re currently have a massive closing down SALE  in our Leicester Branch, so majority of the items are down to £5! Some are even down to £2 and £3! I absolutely love a good sale, especially when it’s a closing down sale. I picked up a couple of jumpers for £5 each, which is quite a bargain and great for stocking up, for this bipolar weather and future winters.


The SweaterShop have brilliant quality knits and so comfy and warm. They stay in the same condition even after several washes; they look brand-new and keep the excellent quality. They have a wide range of knits and in any colour you ask for. I got a extremely oversized, V-neck thick knit in a dark blue colour, which will feature sometime soon, and I got this dull-beige jumper with orangey borders on the sleeves and bottom. It’s in a medium size and is slightly baggy. It is quite long too.

I twice rolled my sleeves to create a more baggy look, which covered the ridged edges on the sleeves. These look good and baggy out too, but I chose to go for the baggier look.

Hiding on the inside is a Turtle-Neck top, to keep me warmer but it wasn’t needed because this jumper kept me warm and comfy enough for a quick dash to the city centre. I’d deffo recommend stocking up with the turtle-neck and polo-neck tops from Primark. Not only are they trending right now, they are really cheap and the quality is really good too. Once they’re gone in Primark, you ain’t getting them back until next year and I, as well as the Bipolar British Weather, would recommend you stash a couple in your cupboard!

A pair of black skinnies are essential in my life and I’m sure they are with everyone else too! They make any and every outfit so easy to style. Also skinnies go great alongside with baggies. I rolled these up from the bottom too, to create a slight edgy look.

Rolled Jeans

I wore a black scarf to go with my black jeans and boots. My scarf was a different wrap style, which if you want I can do a tutorial on for my next video on YouTube channel.

My boots were obviously my favourite black, thick-heeled boots featured in most of my blogs, which I got from Primark. Like mentioned in my ROAR blog, Primark don’t sell them anymore, but NewLook have a similar pair.

For accessories, I put on my Gold and Rose Gold watch that I got on my birthday by me lovely friends (@simranx.x , @tameka.barot , @calissa98 – on Instagram – and Radha). It has a linked bracelet, which gives the whole outfit a Retro look.

And not to forget, my randomly chosen ring-from-the-box, which I got a bundle of from eBay for just 99p.

*Check Out My ROAR Blog To See What I Mean By Randomly Chosen*

Knits & Gold Watches


…  Here are ‘some’ snaps from today’s outfit …


Mardy Faces & Baggy Jumpers
Baggy Jumpers
Roll Them Sleeves


Little PhotoBomber
And Pout !

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