OutfitBlog #12 || Oopsy Daisy

Before I start anything… I’d like to let y’all know that Eashani is the Best!!!

Hey Girlies..

Okk so, very long time no blog, like nearly a month since last. It’s exam season and I’ve been work, work, work, work, working! Got some time to fit this very pending outfit blog in though. In fact there’s so many pending right now, I don’t even know which one I’m going to write about today. But here it is…

After an Eenie Meenie Minee Mo! I chose the Oopsy Daisy Outfit. I call it the Oopsy Daisy one because the daisies are finally growing in our very late Spring here in Leicester. To be honest, it came for like two days and left again, and now rainy season is back. But I love rain so all is well ❤️

So let’s start with my tunic top/kurta top. It’s a hand-me-down from Lucknow, India that my aunty gave me. I absolutely love this tunic top and it is perfect for this season. Now that Coachella theme is so in, crochet, tassles, bright colours and all these fancy stuff are here! Yay. This is why I love Spring because we get funky and fun with clothes. 🌺
I love the crochet border detail on this and the embroidered paisley patterns. It’s got a medium-ish paisley pattern on the back, which I found oh-so-cute.

It’s so easy to find these in any Indian stores and some stores in the city centre if you look around and I’m sure you’ll find with this Coachella theme kicking in with clothes I lovee! ❤️❤️❤️

This crochet kimono from Primark is so in my shopping list for this Spring. With a pop of colour as a top and scarf, this will totally fancy up your wardrobe. And this orange hem top with a crochet border is one to totally get, not just for Spring but it’ll fit in to any season with the right combinations.

I paired this with my favourite Girlfriend jeans, which I’ve worn in my ROAR OutfitBlog. Unfortunately, I’ve still not been able to retrieve my pictures on my bligs so they are still missing 😧 but let’s hope that something like that doesn’t happen again!

Anyway onto my jeans… I got my girlfriend in the sale last or the Summer before for only £7. Who doesn’t love a bargain ay? I got them in a nice lightish blue shade. I don’t think they do them anymore, but I    found some really nice light blue ones which have the bottom bits cut off, for £25. I’m always looking for sale in New Look jeans because they’re always worth it and last for so long, and if you get the right colour, you can wear them in any weather or season (with the colour still lasting too!) I usually go rolled up with these jeans because I just find they look better that way, but this time I left them out to give a chilled out, chic look.

I wore a funky and rather colourful hijab to add some party to the outfit, but to also give some chic and fun aspect to the rather simple and cute outfit. I wore my hijab in a simple half-wrap-round style, which I will be posting a video to, sometime soon. Please do let me know if you want me to try out stuff and give y’all feedback on, as I am a very willing guineapig, who lurvess to try out new things 😝

Not to forget, a simple bracelet and a pair of gladiator sandals, which I copped from NewLook for a good £7. Yay me! These shoes are ever-so comfy and lasted me round my European Coach Tour, and are still going. Shoes don’t generally last with me, especially sandals, but these are so comfy and are lasting me till now, which is great considering I got them last year June!

So that’s all for today’s Oopsy Daisy Outfit Blog. Until Next Time, Chao! 😘








A Very Special Thanks To My Favourite Photographer, My Nine Year Old Brother Nasser Khan



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