OutfitBlog #14 || FunFairing In Retro

hey girlies…

so summer holidays is soon coming to an end and to be very honest, I can’t wait for the end. Sitting three months at home isn’t as fun and exciting as it sounds. At first you’re all like “Yes! Home at last; no more college! Whoop whoop!” but no, it’s all boring and practically dead. Everyday becomes the same old same old, the TV never has any good shows on and social media, well that get’s boring too.

Bringing back some excitement in my life, we headed down to Skegness. A much needed day out. Just the name of Skegness had me worked up! The pictures below do feature me a little out of place because clearly I had too much fun!

Let’s get onto the outfit then…

I tried to keep a casual look for today because comfort and common sense. Not tryna go against anyone’s fashion interests or dressing up sense, but dresses, heels and dangly jewellery isn’t the kinda things you wanna be wearing out to a funfair. I saw some girls with heels and loads of fancy jewellery, especially long necklaces. Basically the kinda things you would want to avoid for personal safety on rides. (My scarf was swept away and pinned back during my fun times, the long bit of scarf was out only for photo ~ and non-ride ~ purposes).

When going on rides, think smart about what you’re wearing. Safety and comfort before trends. You can still look good in casual clothing.

Back to my outfit, I kept a casual look with a hint of retro.

Mom jeans are an easy go to and add the hint of retro to today’s outfit. I got my high-waisted acid wash mom jeans at the same time as I got my favourite girlfriend jeans (featured in my Oopsy Daisy Outfit Blog) from New Look on sale. I got these for £7, which I think is complete bargain for New Look jeans. New Look jeans are very long lasting and of good quality, not to forget great fitting. My pair is of darker tones and strong bleach wash, so it’s a good mixmatch. My little sister has a light pair and I personally prefer hers. I rolled mine up from the bottom for that slight edgy look.

I quite like the fitting of Mom Jeans and New Look do it really well. Mine are an almost skinny pair, but the regular Mom jeans are super trending right now. I found this pair on the TopShop site and £20 for a TopShop pair of jeans, which are “Hot Right Now!” isn’t bad at all. The rip detail is pretty cool too! (Click The Pic For The Link)acid wash jeans.jpgI actually bought my crop top back in 2013. Always been a fan of the old crop top. This “New York” Slogan top was from USC and I copped it for a good £2. << Bargain or what?! Yes I happily picked it up along with a denim waistcoat, which I got for £3. I was having a good day by the looks of it. aha. This crop top has to be one of my favourites because of its -what I call- the box stitch, which basically means if you lay it out, it’s shaped like a square; a bit like an oversized crop top. It’s nice and baggy and perfect for the hot weather and long journeys. BooHoo has some nice baseball themed tops in right now and this super casual grey Chicago oversized crop-top caught my eye for £6. (Click The Pic For The Link)crop top4.jpg

I wore a regular navy long sleeve from Primark to match my navy maxi scarf, also from Primark for £3.

I paired this outfit with my Classic Men’s Reebok Ex-O-Fit (men’s only because me and Mama preferred the one strap rather than the female two strap) to give the outfit some more added comfort and another hint of Retroness.

For my accessories, I kept it funk but really simple with just a few odd bracelets, some of which were my old loom bands from the bottom of my jewellery drawer, and a letter-cubed bracelet my cousin got in my name. On my left hand, my “Who Cares I’m Already Late” watch. I painted my nails blue to go with the blue shades of my outfit.

And that’s all folks… Check out the snaps below… Peace and Swag Out! ✌️



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